Saturday, December 8, 2007

An Activity for 3-5 year olds

Try this "What's the BIG Idea?" activity at home. Check out a copy of Ed Young's Seven Blind Mice. (If this book is not available, try this activity with a counting book.) Read the story to your child. Notice how Young groups the seven mice in different ways on various pages. Count the number of mice with your child. Are there still seven mice no matter what arrangement the mice are in? Give your child seven pennies (or some other items to use as "counters"). Ask your child to carefully count the pennies to make sure there are seven. Show how the pennies can be grouped into various sets such as one and six or two and five. Are there still seven pennies? Ask your child to make his/her own sets. Use the illustrations in the book as examples and have your child copy them with his/her pennies. How many ways can the pennies be arranged? Listen to what your child says. Does s/he talk about adding? Introduce math vacabulary like addtion and equals when you discuss the groupings or sets.