Monday, January 21, 2008


Ever wonder what animals visit your yard? Tracks in the snow provide the clues! Now is a good time to wander about your yard or take a walk in the woods with your child and look for the tracks and traces of wildlife. We have several books available to help you identify your finds. At the top of the list is the brand new revised and expanded edition of Mammal Tracks and Scat by Vermont authors Lynn Levine and Martha Mitchell. We also have their first book, Mammal Tracks. Both are life size tracking guides and are made of waterproof paper that allows them to withstand outdoor use. We also have Crinckleroot's Book of Animal Tracking by Jim Arnosky (another Vermonter), Tracks in the Wild by Betsy Bowen, and, an old standby, Animal Tracks by George F. Mason. This book begins with a quote by Ernest Thompson Seton. "To the young, oncoming naturalist, I would say: Never forget the trail, look even for the track in the snow. It is the priceless, unimpeachable record of the creature's life and thought, in the oldest writing known on earth. Never forget the trail." So, bundle up, hit the trail, and look for tracks and traces of the many creatures that share our space.