Monday, March 31, 2008


We have something for everyone! Browse through the carousel of tapes and CDs or search for something specific in the catalog. Tapes and CDs are fun to listen to in the car, for a family sing along, or to calm during quiet times. We have lullabies, nursery rhymes, folk songs, old favorites, holiday music, opera, classical, rock and roll, songs from around the world--you name it! We have recordings of musicians from the other side of the world like The Wiggles as well as right from our own backyard like Paul Ippolito. You can learn some new dance steps with a folk dance recording or catch the beat with a rhythm stick activity. Here are a few favorites:
"Kidz Bop"
"Can a Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye?" by Hap Palmer
"Quiet Time" by Raffi
"Pet Sounds" by Gary Rosen
"Magical Flight" by Paul Ippolito
"Simplified Rhythm Stick Activities" by Laura Johnson (includes rhythm sticks)
"Musical Scarves and Activities" by Georgiana Stewart (includes scarves)
"Cold Spaghetti Western" by the Wiggles
"Folk Dance Fun" by Georiana Stewart
There are lots more!!!