Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy 4th!

The 4th of July is coming fast. I just love the way we celebrate our nation's independence--a fun-filled day spent with family and friends at picnics, barbecues, swimming holes, and concerts that culminates with a splendid display of illuminations.

If your family is looking for a good recipe for your celebration, maybe you'd like to try Virginia Pound Cake (topped with fresh Vermont strawberries, of course). You can find this recipe in Cooking Up History by Suzanne I. Barchers. Or maybe you'd like to start the morning off with Banana Berry Pancakes with real maple syrup. This is the Vermont entry in the United States Cookbook by Joan D'Amico. The Little House Cookbook by Barbara M. Walker includes instructions for an old-fashioned taffy pull. You can add some fun to the menu with items like Pretzel Butterflies, Potato Flip Flops, or Banana Dogs. Recipes for these and more can be found in The Secret Life of Food by Clare Crespo.

However you choose to celebrate the holiday, may it be happy and safe.