Monday, March 29, 2010

April Holidays

There are a lot of holidays/commemorative days in April--Passover, Easter, April Fools Day, Patriots' Day, Earth Day, and probably something I'm forgetting. And, you guessed it, we have books to help you celebrate any and all of these occasions. For Passover, try Matzoh Mouse by Lauren L. Wohl or The Four Questions by Lynne Sharon Schwartz. Our newest Easter book is Bunny's Easter Egg by Anne Mortimer. You can also
check out this website for some simple, fun games . Appropriate for the dreaded April Fools Day is Keep 'em Laughing by Louis Phillips and April Fool! by Karen Gray Ruelle. Get a history lesson with Extraordinary Patriots of the United States of America by Nancy Robinson Masters and be creative for Earth Day with Bobbe Needham's Ecology Crafts for Kids. Then there's school vacation--be sure to stop by the library for reading material, DVDs, etc. You can even meet three live raptors on Wednesday, April 21 at 10:00 am.