Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mouse Ornament

Want to make a simple mouse ornament with your child? Here's what you need: red and green paper, glue, scissors, tape, a candy cane and the template found here:


Cut out the patterns on the template, then trace the body pattern onto the red paper. (If you prefer a green mouse, use green paper for the body and red paper for the ears and eyes.) Cut out the body. Next, trace the ears and eyes onto the green paper and cut out. Glue the ears and eyes onto the body, using the pointed end as the nose. Now comes the tail. Tape the candy cane to the back of the rounded part of the body. If you want whiskers, you can draw them with a pencil or marker or glue three pieces of thread between the eyes and the pointy nose. Voila! You have an ornament to hang on a tree or to give as a gift. Grandparents especially like these mice!