Thursday, April 12, 2012

April is Poetry Month

A new form of poetry is catching on. It's called Book Spine Poetry. Since the library has so many labels and stickers on the book spines, we call it Book Title Poetry. Above is an example, (though maybe not the best). Give it a try! You can use any books you want from any part of the library or even from your personal collection. Follow these easy steps:

1. Browse through the stacks and look for books with striking titles. Record titles that have possibility. (Be sure to note the call number so you can locate a desired book again.)

2. Write your poem using a minimum of three books.

3. Collect your chosen books, stack them in the correct order, and take a picture. Email your picture to If you don't have a camera, we'll take a picture for you! And if you don't want to take a picture, just leave your "poem" stacked on a table for others to enjoy.

Good luck and have fun!